Final Year Project Title 2019 With Synopsis, UML Diagram and Source Code

E-Learning System based on the following modules:-

Register an new account
Teacher can creating online tests.
Select the Add new Test button. …
Start creating your Questions. …
Assign the Test to be taken. …
Select the Test settings. …
View results from the Results section. …
View analytics over all results.

Matrimonial websites, or marriage websites,  are a variation of the standard dating websites. Matrimonial sites are popular in  India and among Indians settled overseas, as an alternative to the traditional marriage broker. Manage through full user and admin separate dashboard.

CMS is a web-based Courier Management System which supports the high accessibility of courier services to the corporate and to the customer. The system is being used  for day to day activities such as booking a courier, maintain hub details, maintain  company details, process data of businesses and many other things.

Education In today’s world, administration & management of organizations, particularly.  School Management System, e-Coaching , College Management Software. 

The main objective of the Invoice Management System is to manage  the details of Invoice,Clients,Sales,Business,Payments.  It manages all the information about Invoice, Product, Payments,  Invoice. The project is totally built at administrative
end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access.

Stock management is the practice of ordering, storing, tracking, and controlling inventory.  Debitoor invoicing software helps small businesses and freelancers keep track of company assets.  Try Debitoor free for 7 days.In other words, stock management covers every aspect of a business’s  inventory.

Search engines help to minimize the time required to find information and the amount of  information which must be consulted, akin to other techniques for managing information overload.  The most public, visible form of a search engine is a Web search engine which searches for  information on the World Wide Web.

Event Management System. The planning and managing of “events” involves everything  from recording the customer’s contact information when they first inquire about space  to billing them at the completion of their successful event, and  everything in between.

Bus Reservation System is designed to automate the online ticketing through an easy to use online bus booking system. … Bus ticket reservation system allows you to manage reservations, traveller details,and schedule routes, set seat availability etc.

You can add an unlimited number of movies, performances or concerts. You have the tools to manage stage or seat maps, cinema or screening locations and turn our booking script into an online movie ticket booking system, theater booking system,
concert and other event ticket reservation system for your website.

Hotel Management Systems have the following modules 
1) Must automate hotel operations.
2) Should provide ease of access.
3) Should allow unlimited users.
4) Connect with channel managers.
5) Capture and analyze guest details.

Why Cloud-Based Hotel Management Systems?
1) Must automate hotel operations.
2) Should provide ease of access.
3) Should allow unlimited users.
4) Connect with channel managers.
5) Capture and analyze guest details.

School Management System is a is a complete school management software designed to automate a school’s diverse operations from classes, exams to school events calendar. This school software has a powerful online community to bring parents, teachers and students on a common interactive platform.

Manage project details,additional features.additional charges, manage customer payment plan and payment sequence.

An online newspaper is the online version of a newspaper, either as a stand-alone publication or as the online version of a printed periodical. Going online created more opportunities for newspapers, such as competing with broadcast journalism in presenting breaking news in a more timely manner.

Hotel Management Systems with following modules :
1) Must automate hotel operations.
2) Should provide ease of access.
3) Should allow unlimited users.
4) Connect with channel managers.
5) Capture and analyze guest details.

Online gallery art system is an application that allows buyers to purchase paintings, scriptures, models online.

An Online Job Portal is an application where thejob seekers can register themselves at the website and search jobs which are suitable for themwhere as the employers register with the website and put up jobs which are vacant at theircompany.

Creating a Discussion Forum On the main Discussion Board page, on the Action Bar, click Create Forum. On the Create Forum page, type a Name. Users click this name to access the forum. Optionally, type instructions or a description in the Description text box. …Under Forum Availability you can set separate options.

This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for Online Book… … It is certified that the Minor Project report entitled “ONLINE BOOK STORE” is the …… MySQL is a relational database management system. …. the Inventory”.

Monitoring Students, Empowering Teachers, Engaging Parents and Increasing Stakeholder … Create and manage various teacher details from a single area.

Write a Free CV In Minutes
Stunning free CV templates.
Download as Microsoft Word or PDF.
Quick & easy CV builder.
Step-by-step help with customer support.
Packed full of examples and tips.
Customise CV layout and look.
Effective phrases and action words to use.
Print or email using your browser.

A Complaint Management System is one of latest productivity enhancement tools used widely by all organisations wherever there is a need of booking of complaints via operators and analysis of complaints which are made or are pending.

An open-access poll is a type of opinion poll in which a nonprobability sample of participants self-select into participation. The term includes call-in, mail-in, and some online polls.

A college library management is a project that manages and stores books information electronically according to students needs. The system helps both students and library manager to keep a constant track of all the books available in the library. It allows both the admin and the student to search for the desired book.

Student Result management System. The main objective of the project is to provide the examination result to the student in a simple way

eLearning is learning utilizing electronic technologies to access educational curriculum outside of a traditional classroom. In most cases, it refers to a course, program or degree delivered completely online. … To find out more about eLearning, simply select from the links on the left menu.

Making Solid Business Agreements and Contracts Creator Manage the following

Get it in writing. …
Keep it simple. …
Deal with the right person. …
Identify each party correctly. …
Spell out all of the details. …
Specify payment obligations. …
Agree on circumstances that terminate the contract. …
Agree on a way to resolve disputes.

Facilitating complete end-to-end accident data management system with built-in intelligent analysis and road safety program … the display of the selected accident records in a tabular or graphical report.

Placement management system. … The Placement Management System is developed as an attempt to take a record of company and students by restricting such a large database to that of a particular class of students or company.Jul 31, 2014

The proposed system is for making easier to manage policy holder details, agent details, policy details, claimant details and payment details. So this will be developed for managing the insurance management system. The overall system is control through the main menu.

Free Online School billing system free download. It is a web based application for managing the billing system for the operations in schools. It is aimed to be user friendly with beautifully designed user interface. manage student billing from invoicing and online bill payments to tuition plans, and record keeping.

Asset management software is a dedicated application which is used to record and track an asset throughout its life cycle, from procurement to disposal. It provides an organization with information like where certain assets are located, who is using them, how they are being utilized and details about the asset.

Transportation & Logistics Document management system. … can make it difficult to extract the most critical and important detail quickly.

online leave management solution with an easy to use leave request and leave approval system. The application is cloud-based so operates fully online, making leave planning and approval accessible from anywhere using any device. … This quick way of approval makes employee absence management easy.

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