How To Start a Career in Cloud Computing & Cloud Architect?

What are the benefits of cloud computing? The main benefits of cloud computing are:  Data backup and storage of data.  Powerful server capabilities.  Incremented productivity.  Cost effective and time saving. 5. Mention the Layers of PaaS Architecture. Cloud Controller Automatically creates Virtual machines and controllers.  Deploys Applications Connects to services Automatically scales Ups and Downs. Read More

Why Java doesn’t support multiple inheritance?

C++ , Common lisp and few other languages supports multiple inheritance while java doesn’t support it. Java doesn’t allow multiple inheritance to avoid the ambiguity caused by it. One of the example of such problem is the diamond problem that occurs in multiple inheritance. What is diamond problem?We will discuss this problem with the help of the diagram below: Read More

How to become a SEO expert ?

Now Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming a recognized career worldwide. With plenty Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Career Opportunities available in all sector’s of business, so now Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a preferred career choice available among younger students. This post tells all about the following career opportunities and put some light on Search Engine Read More